Friday, 12 July 2013

Chocolate Ice Lolly with Mung bean

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I believe in the powers of mung beans. This kind of legumes is pack of protein, fiber and more.  One of the meals I wean my child to is boiled mung beans. Maybe this is the reason why he is small but heavy for this size, which surprised the health visitor who visited us.  But now he only eats it as part of ice lolly.

This kind of green beans is also called mongo or mungo bean in Asia. Some people like mung bean as snack with sugar after cooled from boiled.  It could be cook further by sauteing it with garlic,  onion and flavor it with chicken cubes, or hebi (dried shrimp) to serve as viand to go with rice.  Chinese people make delicious  moon cake out of it.  My favorite is my mother’s simple way of making ice lollies.

How to make as ice lollies it?


  • ice lolly molders


  • mung beans
  • chocolate powder ready for making instant drink like Nesquik (by Nestle), Milo (by Nestle too) or Ovaline; or make some by adding cacao, sugar and powdered milk.
  • milk (it is an option)
Boiled mung beans
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
441 kJ (105 kcal)
19.15 g
- Sugars
2 g
- Dietary fiber
7.6 g
0.38 g
7.02 g
Thiamine (vit. B1)
0.164 mg (14%)
Riboflavin (vit. B2)
0.061 mg (5%)
Niacin (vit. B3)
0.577 mg (4%)
Pantothenic acid (B5)
0.41 mg (8%)
Vitamin B6
0.067 mg (5%)
Folate (vit. B9)
159 μg (40%)
Vitamin C
1 mg (1%)
Vitamin E
0.15 mg (1%)
Vitamin K
2.7 μg (3%)
27 mg (3%)
1.4 mg (11%)
48 mg (14%)
0.298 mg (14%)
99 mg (14%)
266 mg (6%)
0.84 mg (9%)


  1. Wash it and soak it overnight (like 8 hours) or more in a bigger container, with at least 1 inch more of water above the beans.  The beans will expand and split as it softens.  It is important that all the beans are soaked underwater to make sure that every grain are equal in texture.  It is ready to cook if the beans split a little bit.  Do not let it turn into bean sprouts.
  2. Replace the water with boiled water or cook it straight by boiling in medium heat. When boiled stir it and you can simmer it leisurely. 
  3. Add water gently to a level not more than the beans, if it looks dry and the beans are still hard. Keep doing this until the beans are cooked.
  4. Then beans are cooked when soft and it seems to fibrous that it has thicken the water and not dry.

From here you can cook the mung beans in many different ways. 

To have some as ice lollies -
  1. Let cool to room temperature.  
  2. Mixed it well with lots of chocolate powder (that is like chocolate powder ready for making chocolate drink like Nesquik, Milo, Ovaltine, or with your own made chocolate mix).
  3. Scoop this mixed into the ice lolly moulders to the level almost filling the top of the molder; or up to the level that your molder will work in freezing the ice lolly with the stick.
  4. Make some chocolate drink with milk and fill out the ice lolly moulders. Or just scoop more of the mixed chocolate mung been into the ice lolly molders.
  5. Freeze it.
  6. Serve it as snack when fully frozen and enjoy.  

On my experience, a full mung bean ice lolly is enough for a snack or to finish the meal as the pudding, for my seven year old boy.

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  1. Hello,
    I made an update to the recipe, which made the process of making the ice lolly much simpler.
    In my experience, it fills the tummy just right as snack or pudding after meals.